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The AccuALIGN technology is offered in OEM, Desktop and Industrial version to meet all types of applications and requirements, as follow:

OEM: the imaging head is the heart of the AccuALIGN system. it integrates the illumination source, optical system and video camera into a compact and rugged package that easily fits into a standard tool holder. The illumination source utilizes a proprietary design that utilizes infrared LEDs to eliminate the effect of ambient lighting.

The imaging head is available in three models as described in the Product Literature.

OEM users can easily integrate the imaging head into their systems and provide their own video digitizer to capture, process and display images.


Desktop: Some users may wish to take advantage of cost-effective desktop PCs, or may already have a suitable PC that can be used as the image processor and display unit. For this type of users, we offer a complete image acquisition kit and the AccuALIGN application software that runs any modern PC with Windows XP/2000 and a USB 2.0 port.

Industrial: This is the ideal product for those who will be using the AccuALIGN system on a regular basis every day and would like to have a rugged and reliable solution that is built to withstand the harsh shop-floor environment.

The industrial Processor and Display unit incorporates a 12.1-inch touch-screen LCD to facilitate easy user interaction with the application software. The unit is completely solid-state and operates on any voltage in the range 100-230 VAC. Also, it comes with the application software pre-installed, and will be ready for use straight out of the box.


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