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OptoVUE, Inc.
169, Bolling Road


AL, 35759


Tel : 256-652 9730



We are a privately-held company specializing in Imaging and Machine Vision Systems for the CNC Machining Industry. The company has decades of  experience in the design and development of Automated Optical Inspection systems for measurement and Quality Control purposes.

We have an active R&D program to identify new solutions for problems in the Machining Industry. Our innovative work has resulted in several patents and numerous novel designs. As the result, we have a unique and leading position in our industry.



Our company was started by two groups of engineers and scientists. One group brought in experience and know-how in the field of Machine Vision, and the other group brought expertise in the Machining Industry. In fact, the need for our products was first experienced by the latter group who regularly came across machining jobs that required some form of optical alignment or measurement tool. A clear example of "necessity being the mother of invention".


We are focused on delivering a range of world-class products that enable our customers achieve higher yield and productivity. Our commitment to offering value-oriented products and services is centered around our understanding that the manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly more competitive every day and that our customers need to receive a high return on their investment when they purchase our products. We strive to provide users of our products with a competitive advantage that would enable them to increase their profitability.



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